Editing Serious 3NT

A Contract Bridge bidding convention. Used in a Game Forcing auction where a
Major suit is agreed.

1–2 if using 2/1 Game Forcing
  • 3NT: strong (Serious)
  • 4: Cuebid, but not strong (nonSerious).
  • 4: truly minimum.

Since Spades are the agreed trump suit, Three No Trump is not usually the best contract. Using Serious Three No Trump, a bid of Three No Trump says "Im Serious about slam", i.e. "I have a good hand". Bypassing bidding Three No Trump says "I am not Serious about Slam". Examples shown in the above auction.

Serious Three No Trump was devised by and named by Eric Rodwell. Citations: Various articles in the American Contract Bridge League Bulletin (magazine). Convention cards submitted to the World Bridge Federation.

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